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Biotechnology Homework Help: Energy Crops

Plant species that are efficient users of solar energy for converting CO2 into biomass which can be used as a source of energy are called energy crops. The nature of biomass obtained from these crops is of the following types. It has been estimated that the ratio between the energy produced by and the energy used for the production of energy crops should be 5 or above for the crops to be used efficiently.


It is obtained from fast growing trees like Butea, Casurina, Leucaena, Eucaplyptus, Melia etc. According to homework helper the predominant mode of utilization of wood as an energy source is in the form of firewood, which is rather inefficient. It is estimated that about 50% of the total wood harvested each year is consumed as firewood. The estimated requirement for firewood in India was 250 million tons in 1996, while the supply was only 80 million tons.

Sugar and starch crops

These crops are generally efficient converters of solar energy and produce either fermentable sugars, e.g. sugarcane (tropical regions) and sugarbeet (temperate regions), or starch, e.g. cereals, millets, roots and tuber crops etc. which can be converted into fermentable sugars. According to answers to homework experts these crops are used to produce bioethanol, but they also have other uses as food, feed etc. which may often compete with biofuels production.

Hydrocarbons producing crops

Some plants, e.g. Euphorbiacease plants like Euphorbia lathyris, milkweed (Asclepia speciosa) and the tree legume Copaifera multijuga, produce hydrocarbons which can be converted into and used as diesel, called biodiesel.

Some algae like Chlamydomonas and anaerobic bacteria like Clostridium produce hydrogen gas which can be used as a pollution-free fuel. According to studydaddy long-term research efforts are needed to develop these organisms as sources of bioenergy. If and when algae are used to produce hydrogen from water using energy from sunlight, they could be regarded as energy crops as well.

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