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Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science program in Computer Science is designed to provide a background in programming, programming concepts and operating system software. Specific courses provide the student with a sample of the most current programming techniques. Additional courses are offered to enhance the students' understanding of software development and provide an understanding of the theory involved in computer systems development.

The Bachelor of Science program in Business Administration with a concentration in General Business and Management at Warren National University offers students the basic practical considerations and applications of the discipline in topical areas chosen to enhance capabilities and improve career potential. It provides an introduction to American and international business, and addresses social responsibility, effective leadership, and the evolution of management. Students learn the basics of business administration, from communicating in the corporate world to promoting products utilizing marketing principles, economic theories and effective forecasting. It is here, within the Business Administration program, that the foundation of business is laid.

The concentration in Financial Management is offered as part of the bachelor-level Business Administration program for the purpose of providing a focus on finance for students with careers in the business administration field. Specifically, it consists of financial courses geared to identifying and solving problems in all major areas of business administration, such as financial investment, including public and private management of short-term and long-term financing, banking relations, personal finance, and investment analysis. Students will become equipped with tools for understanding the functions and applications of financial markets, the acquisition and can i pay someone to write my paper allocation of funds in the public and private sector in domestic and international organizations, and learn how to access and utilize financial information. The Business Administration with a Concentration in Financial Management program draws together various financial aspects of business administration from accounting and economics, to social, ethical and legal considerations, offering an integrated financial approach to business administration.

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